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Patagonia Paradise Property – Why


Patagonia Paradise Property is an excellent investment for your future. Here are six reasons why…

1. This property has past income history.

Patagonia Paradise Property has excellent access with its location, making it an excellent rental for travelers to Patagonia’s gateway city, Bariloche. The guest house is currently offered as a short term rental with the company, Bariloche Vacation Rental. It has an excellent track record, creating an opportunity for built in cash flow. To date, the property has been host to many guests from around the world. Existing reservation income is included with purchase.

2. All three properties are private, with their own separate entrance.

The layout of Patagonia Paradise Property is excellent.

Whether you are looking to live in one home and rent out the others or keep the property for your own, each of the houses on the property are set up to create a secluded setting for each dwelling, resulting in all occupants having the pleasure of experiencing their own private haven.

3. Trade up a social class while substantially cutting your cost of living.

What many visitors to Bariloche realize is how far the Dollar, Euro or Pound goes. There are very few places on earth that offer such a high quality of living for the price as is found here in Argentina,  and specifically the Peninsula San Pedro area, due to its proximity to Hotel Llao Llao.

4. The property offers a steady monthly income.

In these days of uncertain economic times, experts are suggesting that those wanting to protect their future should be converting speculative investments into a hard asset – like premium real estate – especially those that create a reliable income stream. Buying real estate in Patagonia, and elsewhere, is one of the safest and the most lucrative investment opportunities out there. Income producing properties, for example, help create positive cash flow and passive income. By making investments in a strategically located property, one can guarantee oneself of wealth and at the same time, safeguard one’s investment.

This is not only an opportunity to obtain a financial asset that is able to retain its value during times of uncertainty. It also makes you money in the short term.

5. All paperwork for the property’s title is in order and ready to be transferred to the new owner.

The buyer will be assured an easy transfer of ownership. The clear property title provides an easy transition and automatic title in the case that the property is purchased by a foreigner, per resolution number 166-2009.

6. The Lakes District has no shortage of water.

In the future, as water becomes a scarce resource, owning property in a zone with assured access to clean drinking water will be vital.

As scary as it sounds, it is a reality that many cities around the world will soon be in a crisis of having minimal access to life’s necessity, water. In fact, Chile is already discussing the dismal future of their access falling below necessity. It is safe to say that this will never happen to those that choose wisely and invest in areas surrounded by water, like Bariloche. Patagonia Paradise Property is located just a hop, skip and a jump from Lake Nahuel Huapi, the largest lake in the region, and has three other lakes within a few minute’s drive. In addition to this securing access to the golden fruit of the future, it also allows for some aqua fun, like scuba diving, water skiing and beach time.

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